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Jadu Thakur Prabhu a devotee in the Brahamchari Trainee group of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir, Chowpatty recalls this interesting experience from last year’s Marathon:

I was distributing books in the train with Pitambar Prabhu, when I saw this man reading a book. He was so absorbed in reading that he just looked up for a split second to see what Pitambar Prabhu was announcing and immediately went back to his book. I edged closer and saw that it was the bestseller, Secrets. I had read an article in BTG about this book. It is about desiring something so badly that eventually the cosmos arranges it for us. Although very simplistic in approach, the book is widely popular. I went to the man and said, “Excuse me sir, may I have a moment, please?” He looked up.

“I see that you are very interested in this book. It is nice to see someone so spiritual.”

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