Teerth Vikas Parishad to restore Vajranabh’s Samadhi

(Vrindavan Today News) – Teerth Vikas Parishad to restore Vajranabh’s Samadhi

  • Vajranabh was the great grand son of Bhagvan Shri Krishna
  • Samadhi will be transformed into major tourist attraction spot

2023.09.27 (Vrindavan Today News): In a significant move to restore and preserve cultural heritage, the Uttar Pradesh government has allocated a budget of ₹3 crore for the development of Vajranabh’s Samadhi, a historic site associated with Bhagvan Shri Krishna’s lineage. Despite its historical significance, this holy place has long been neglected and encroached upon by locals, leaving only half of the recorded land available.

Vajranabh, the great-grandson of Shri Krishna and the last ruler of Dwaraka, survived the Yadava clan’s internecine conflict. When Dwaraka submerged into the sea, Arjuna rescued Vajranabh and the remaining women, bringing them to Hastinapura. It was here that Vajranabh was declared the ruler of Mathura, with the support of King Parikshit and the sage Shandilya, thus re-establishing the Braj region.

Vajranabh ji’s samadhi

Vajranabh, in his time, constructed numerous temples dedicated to Lord Krishna at the very site believed to be the birthplace of Shri Krishna. However, over the centuries, foreign invaders repeatedly vandalized these sacred structures. The Samadhi of Vajranabh is located in the Kamai Karhala village near Barsana in Chhata Subdivision of Mathura district.

Remarkably, while government records indicate ownership of approximately 2.5 acres of land for Vajranabh’s Samadhi, on-site measurements reveal that only one acre remains free from encroachments and illegal occupation. The Uttar Pradesh Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad (UPBTVP), responsible for the site’s development, plans to clear these encroachments before commencing the development work for the ₹3 crore project, which encompasses the entire 2.5-acre area.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has emphasized the need to preserve and develop not only well-known heritage sites but also those that have fallen into obscurity. The removal of encroachments and illegal occupation from Vajranabh’s Samadhi site will be the first step towards realizing this vision.

According to Nagendra Pratap, CEO of the Uttar Pradesh Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad, once the land is cleared, development work will commence. The Samadhi of Vajranabh will be transformed into a major tourist attraction, showcasing Lord Krishna’s lineage and providing visitor facilities to ensure a comfortable and enriching experience.

In conclusion, Uttar Pradesh’s commitment to restoring Vajranabh’s Samadhi exemplifies its dedication to preserving the rich cultural heritage associated with Shri Krishna and His associates. The government’s allocation of funds and emphasis on clearing encroachments underscore its determination to revive forgotten historical sites and make them accessible to both pilgrims and tourists alike.

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