Transcendental Sound Vibration Touches The Hearts Of All

Trancendental Sound Vibration Touches The Hearts Of All

( – Transcendental Sound Vibration Touches The Hearts Of All

By Maharishi Das

One week ago my dear god brother Ananta Acarya Prabhu presented me with the most wonderful collection of Hare Krishna Vinyl LP’s, I have had these in the past but never such good copies.
I am always amazed how so many individuals have never heard of the Hare Krishna movement, and have never heard the Maha Mantra. I feel so humbled as I can introduce many to the process through sound and also with prasadam as together with a listening session I can also feed them Krishna prasadam. These individuals are all seeking happiness through sound and every one likes to eat, so what a wonderful way to bring them close to God. I have been giving books to my clients for decades and have been able to inspire many hearts

I was so excited to get hold of these records as I run a specialist audio business and my main interest is high end vinyl replay. I have clients worldwide who seek the finest possible sound from this medium. They are all true audiophiles who seek the finest sound possible and will go to any length to get it. Many years ago HG Tribhuvanatha Prabhu told me I could make many devotees through what I do, as I am meeting so many individuals who are looking for for the ultimate in sound reproduction.

I have seen that music has the power to touch someone deep down inside and connect with their soul. I see clients go into a heightened state of consciousness listing to their music being played on a top quality system. I see them lifted by sound and calmness come over them. If secular music can captivate the hearts of people so, imagine how much more they would be moved through spiritual sound energy.

This is a uniquely different method to reading and preaching as it introduces people to spirituality directly through sound and touches them deeply in a very special way.

Many of my customers have become dear friends over the years and I have always mentioned to them that I am a Hare Krishna. Recently I have been more bold about it and have been sending videos to all my clients of the London Harinama and have been getting lots of positive responses.

As soon as I got hold of this priceless collection of Vinyl, I knew I could reach many people through their transcendental and spiritual recordings. I was so excited as the original vinyl had a sound that was so much more natural and captivating than any digital format and all the precious souls who visit me truly understand this. Also, I could play back the LP’s on a world class system, so that the full spiritual power of the sound could be reproduced.

Last Monday, Adam came and heard the original Radha Krishna Album played on a hi-end air bearing Vyger Turntable connected to a no-expense-spared amplification and speaker system. Adam was truly captivated by what he had heard, he is a real encyclopedia of jazz and knows jazz backwards, but this was something completely new to him. I had never seen Adam so captivated he was truly immersed in the transcendental sound. The room was filled with the power of the devotees sincerity, even I was captivated by the power of the sound (and I’ve been chanting since the age of 9).

Adam thanked me that I was able to provide him with such a unique experience as he felt it had brought him close to God. Adam has now taken some books that he previously refused to take and is taking an interest in chanting.

Two days ago, one of my customers, Mr R came round for a listening session. I put on Srila Prabhupada chanting from the 1968 Vandeham LP. Whilst this was playing, I could see how absorbed he was, like he was being transported away to another level. It was incredible to watch. I asked him how he felt.

“It is a wonderful experience I’ve had. I could actually feel Srila Prabhupada’s purity and sincerity to spread the love of God.”

The album did sound fantastic, you could hear and feel Prabhupada’s voice like a presence in the room.

Mr R thanked me, adding that it had really touched him deeply. “That was no ordinary listening session. I felt like I was hearing from a pure representative of God. It was very cleansing!”, he said, before hugging me and driving off. The videos show how Mr R is truly captivated by this transcendental, spiritual sound.

As devotees not all of us can live in a temple, and for many house holders we have to work with many non devotees who are all a part and parcel of God. If we are sincere, and have the desire to serve, the opportunity to introduce someone to spirituality can manifest itself at any moment. The main thing is not to be shy in presenting the truth while respecting all we meet. I have personally found so many are just waiting to hear the truth. Now, due to this vinyl collection, I can provide them with the ultimate sound experience of hearing Srila Prabhupada himself chanting as if he was in the room with us, as well as giving out his books.

I have a Client Jason who came yesterday who heard benediction moon played through my system he wept and said I can hear the spritual energy, I talked to him about the process and how we are not the body but we are a spirit soul. He said himself I can see how the lord has given us everything. I said the lord has given us the ultimate sound vibration in the form of the Maha Mantra. Jason was so taken aback and has taken a set of chanting beads and a Science of self realization to Read.

Through these recordings Srila Prabhupada remains with us, continuing his blessed journey among us to spread spiritual awakening and bring ultimate peace through connecting people with Krishna.

I feel so blessed that I can continue to serve whoever I meet. Krishna has given each and every devotee a special set of skills, and the highest achievement is for them to be used in his service.

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