A little extra effort can go a long way

Madhavendra Puri Prabhu and I were at a college trying to engage in Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s most glorious sankirtan movement by distributing books. We spent an entire week at this one college and told everyone that on Friday we were going to have a class to discuss and try some Bhakti Yoga.

On the fateful day at least 10 students showed up and enthusiastically chanted the holy names of Lord Hari and Krishna. Afterward I asked for everyone’s email and sent them a message requesting a reply from those who would like to stay in touch.

One person, Tim, expressed interest in learning more.

For the next nine months, Tim and I exchanged messages sharing our realizations and progress in Krishna Consciousness.

In June the following year, Tim visited a temple for the weekend and decided to stay! Since then he’s devoted his life to brahmacarya and spreading the glories of Lord Hari throughout America.

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