Bhagavad Gita made easy Part 2/3

So far Krishna has described the nature of the Self, Karma Yoga and the art of meditation. Arjuna however has been struggling to see how he can achieve these high states of realisation.In response Krishna turns his attention away from the Atman, to Himself as the Supreme Lord. He describes at length how the whole universe is a part of Him, and depends entirely upon Him. He also outlines the way of devotion and grace. A surrendered devotee can be freed from this world by Krishna’s mercy.Overwhelmed by the glories of Krishna, Arjuna asks if he can see His true cosmic form. As a result he witnesses the shocking Truth that lies behind the person of Krishna. All the gods, all of creation and time is present within Him. Finally Arjuna learns in the 12th chapter why Bhakti (devotion) compared to Jnana (wisdom) can easily take one to the Supreme.

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