Filth and contamination in Govardhan’s Brahma Kund

(Vrindavan Today) – Filth and Contamination Spread in Brahma Kund Due to Low Water Level, Urgent Measures Needed

2023.05.25 (Vrindavan Today News): The ancient Brahma Kund, located on the banks of Govardhan Mansi Ganga, has been plagued by the spread of filth and contamination due to a shortage of water. The proposal for the beautification of Brahmakund has been included in the ambitious Namami Gange scheme initiated by the Central Government to rejuvenate the holy river Ganga.

The deteriorating condition of Brahmakund has left devotees unable to perform religious rituals such as ablutions and prayers. Additionally, the lack of proper steps (ghats), has further hindered access to the kund. The beautification of Brahmakund was undertaken nearly a decade ago by the Uttar Pradesh Project Corporation Limited, Noida. The project involved constructing four walls to demarcate the kund and remove encroachments. Unfortunately, the conservation of water was not given due consideration during the beautification process.

Govardhan’s Brahma Kund (PC: Vrindavan Experience)

The construction of solid structures around the kund has resulted in the blocking of water sources. Consequently, the water storage has led to the proliferation of filth in the area. Even rainwater is not being efficiently collected, exacerbating the situation.

It is believed that during the Dwapara Yuga, Lord Brahma, influenced by Lord Krishna’s divine plays, became bewildered. In a testing gesture, Brahmaji took away all the calves and friends of Thakurjee (Shree Krishna). However, Shree Krishna expanded himself as an exact replica of his friends and calves.

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