The Gate of the Mind

The gate of the mind

( – The gate of the mind

By Krishna Ragini devi dasi

There was no time in the history of computers when they have been used for better purposes than today. Previously, a home computer was long time employed for entertainment, thus becoming a tool for a wasted life. Nowadays, under the restrictions imposed by the pandemic to social gatherings, more important or uplifting activities took shelter in the virtual space. Giving in this way to the computers an opportunity to nurture our higher nature. Lots of courses, webinars, spiritual classes or kirtans made their way to the internet, like never before. In this way, computers proved their dual power: to take our lives over and render them futile or to connect us to something real and bring true value to the time spent with them. This comes from their nature of being just a tool, which can be used either way.

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