The Inception of the Annual Camp Spark

by Sri Radhika devi dasi

Starting this summer, a team of experienced teachers is organizing a residential summer camp for youth ages 10-17 at the Gita Nagari Eco Farm in Pennsylvania, USA. The Camp will start in the evening of Saturday, July 22nd at 5 p.m., right after the Gita Nagari Ratha Yatra, and continue until the morning of Sunday, July 30th.

The camp is named “Camp Spark” because its purpose is to help spark friendships, adventure, and Krishna bhakti. Camp activities will include kirtana, devotional music training, arati, learning Bhagavad Gita verses, japa, comparing and contrasting Vaishnava philosophy with scientific understanding, and diving into Mahabharata stories. Recreational activities will include hiking, swimming, games, team sports, yoga, drama, campfires, and canoeing. Participants will be able to honor three sumptuous and wholesome meals of prasadam daily along with snacks. This will be an excellent opportunity for youth to experience the principles of simple living and high thinking by spending an extended period of time in the amazing Gita Nagari Farm. Campers will experience spiritual farm life, spending time farming and caring for cows.

Register by clicking this link: There is an early bird discounted rate of $600 per camper if registration is completed by June 15th. Registration fee on or after June 16th will be $650. Registration closes after July 1st. There is a 10% sibling discount for every additional child registered.

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