Tourist Police Station to be opened in Vrindavan

(Vrindavan Today News) – Tourist Police Station to be opened in Vrindavan

  • This Police Station will be first of its kind in the District and second in the Agra Division
  • Multi-linguistic Officers will be deployed in this Police Station to help the tourists visiting from different parts of the world.

2023.10.05 (Vrindavan Today News): Now, when Vrindavan has become a tourist destination, a demand of tourist police station was felt to prevent the crimes against the visitors. A New tourist Police Station is set to open in Vrindavan. This new police station will become the first of its kind in the district and the second within the Agra range. The government has allocated a budget of 7.36 crores for this initiative, with a clear plan for staffing, including officers and officials.

Situated near the Kanha Gaushala on the Vrindavan – Maant Road, a four-acre plot of land has been earmarked for the construction of the new police station. Recently, the government approved a budget of 4.64 crores and 55 thousand rupees for the administrative building and released the first installment of 2.72 crores and 41 thousand rupees for residential quarters. The proposed budget for the district-level administrative building is 9.29 crores, while 10.89 crores are allocated for the residential building. The construction unit of the police is preparing to issue tenders soon.

This police station will have the officers who are proficient in foreign languages. Authorities have also outlined the appointment of officers and employees regarding this deployment. The station will have one Inspector, 12 Sub-Inspectors, three computer operators, and four Grade IV employees (outsourced). As for constables and head constables, the appointment orders have not been Issued yet. Officials indicate that since Mathura-Vrindavan attracts tourists from various countries, the station will be staffed with police personnel who are familiar not only with English but also with local languages from different Indian states and foreign languages.

A key feature of this tourist police station is its jurisdiction over any crimes involving tourists. Previously, if any crime occurred involving domestic or international tourists in Mathura district, a case was registered in the relevant district. However, with the opening of this dedicated tourist police station, this practice is set to change. Any offense against tourists, whether local or foreign, will now be registered and investigated within the tourist police station itself.

The establishment of the tourist police station aims to enhance the convenience and safety of tourists. The government’s allocation of an initial budget of 7.36 crores underscores its commitment to this project. This development is poised to be a significant boon for the district and reinforces its appeal as a tourist destination. Shaillesh Kumar Pandey, Superintendent of Police (SSP), expressed optimism about this endeavor, marking it as a noteworthy addition to the area’s infrastructure.

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